Weather Cards Edit

Casts fire.

Fire will increase temperature.

Can cast fire if a biome with trees or plants swaps to desert
Lowers temperature in blow direction of target cast space
Creates puddles.

Quake - 80 - placed in desert - creates oil tiles and a mountain biome around

Meteor - 200 - A meteor will drop on target location, creating mountains and ores. Nearby objects will be destroyed. Spreads fire. In sea will create a mountain island with ores, used for land expansion.

--Nature Cards--

Tree - 20 - Can't be placed in the sea. Will create a tree based on the biome.

Plant - 15 - Creates a plant, bush or bramble based on biome.

Mineral - 10 - Creates an ore based on the biome. Creates a coral reef in the sea.

Critters - 30 - Creates an animal based on the biome.

--Other Cards--

Mankind - 50 - Unique, first card in the game. This card determines where the store is and creates 2 humans.

+Human - 50 - Creates another human.

Inspect - 40 - Discovers buildings and processes. Hovering over the items will name the given discovery.

Sample - 30 - Drops "samples" of the target natural. Can be placed on dead animals and the lava biome, too.

Remove - 5 - Removes an placeable object (Animals too).

Kill - 10 - Kills a living being (Villagers or Animals).

Plague - 200 - A plague breaks out. All villagers will get sick (and die later), if no antidote is discovered.

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